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Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL

Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL

professional commercial building inspection service

Making long term investment plans like buying or selling a commercial building is a step in the right direction, however, things have the potential of going south if adequate measures like inspections are not carried out before the investments are made. The possibility or off chance that you might buy a building whose structure is defective in one way or the other is very high if Inspection is not carried out. Spending all your money, fixing and solving issues after a purchase can be a very burdensome chore. Let us save you all that stress, At Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL, we offer Inspection services which can guide you when you are making that purchase.

About Us

As a company, Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL, we offer different services like Roof Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Mold Inspection, amongst others. We have different teams which are made up of professionals, all of which are experts in their own field so you can be rest assured that every team assigned to your commercial building is more than capable. We strive to provide quality and excellent services and leave a positive impression in the minds of our clients. We also have a track record of providing one of the best Damage Assessment and Investigation Services you can find in Miami, FL.

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    Our Services

    Inspection is not something that should be done only when the purchase of a building is to be made. It can also fall under the Annual maintenance inspection of the building as it is important to make sure that your building is safe in every aspect of human habitation. This is where we come in. Commercial Building Inspection Services, Miami, FL is concerned with making sure that your commercial buildings are properly inspected and analyzed before you either buy or sell them so that you would avoid future problems that may arise from not having noticed them on time. Our purpose is centered around helping our clients and making sure that the services we offer to them are highly professional and top of the range.

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    Comprehensive Inspection

    A comprehensive inspection is all-encompassing i.e. it includes every aspect of a building, from the interior to the exterior, and even to the documents like the floor plans attached to the building. This type of inspection is in-depth and covers all the necessary checks needed to be done. At the end of the inspection, you know exactly what if wrong with your building and where maintenance should be focused on. We have experts on our teams that are more than capable of carrying out a comprehensive inspection of your building.

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    Roof Inspection

    The roof apart from being a shield of some sorts to a building is also one of the parts of a building that has the most exposure to weather elements which means that the roof would most often than naught get damaged and would need to be inspected properly from time to time. Engaging the services of a commercial building inspector is important in this case as the roofs for commercial buildings are very much different from normal ones.

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    Plumbing Inspection

    Plumbing has to do with the water supplies, toilet equipment and this is also very important especially when one is dealing with a building where there is a high number of occupants e.g. a hotel. Making sure the drainages, water pipes, fixtures are all in good working order from the beginning would save you as a buyer a lot of stress. Water leaks can cause a whole lot of things, mold included and this is why inspection has to be carried out regularly.

    professional electrical inspection service
    Electrical Inspection

    Electricity is a very crucial aspect of a commercial building. This is because that without electricity, a building cannot function effectively. Commercial buildings most especially have their services hinged on the availability of electricity. Making sure that the electrical systems of a commercial building is up to date and functional from time to time would help a lot and problems can easily be rectified before they get out of hand. The functionality of your building is our priority.

    professional structural inspection near me
    Structural Inspection

    Commercial buildings especially one designed to accommodate a lot of dead and live weight like malls, condominiums, hotels, industrial buildings tend to fail more often. Knowing what the structural capacity of a commercial building is before purchase would save you from faults and failure that might arise later on. This goes a long way, especially if the building is to be converted for other commercial purposes in the end. It is important to know if the building can support the new function.

    professional HVAC mold inspection
    HVAC & Mold Inspection

    HVAC & Mold Inspections are just as important as any other as it has to do with the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems in a building. In commercial buildings, they are very important as a faulty HVAC system can cause air leaks which can overtask the entire system and cause air contamination. Quality Air Assessments should be carried out from time to time in a commercial building as breathing in contaminated air can cause a lot of health issues, long-term.

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    If you are in Miami, FL and you are on the lookout for someone that can handle your Commercial Building Inspection Services, feel free to give us a trial. We are a very competent and professional outfit when it comes to building inspection services. If you need information and details about the service you would be wanting or a price quote to work with you can always contact us. We have a contact form online that you can easily fill out online to send a message to us, our social media accounts are also available and you can always send a personal message to us which would be responded to as soon as possible. Asides from these methods, we have an email address with which we can be contacted. Phone numbers are also listed on the website and you can place a quick call to us.

    “I was introduced to them by a business partner when I told him that I wanted to invest in a commercial building. He advised me to give them a trial and I decided to engage their services and it was highly professional and useful” – James, D

    "I didn't know the importance of commercial building inspection until I met Commercial Building Inspection Services, Miami, FL. They walked me through the entire process patiently and I would recommend them to anyone" – Dolores, M

    "The building I bought was knee-deep in structural failure and I would not have known if not for this company. They were recommended to me by my real estate agent and they told me all the things wrong with the building that I would never have found out on my own” – Patrice, K