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Comprehensive Inspection

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Buying something that is as capital intensive as a building is a huge and long-term investment and as such, it requires a lot of caution and looking into before the purchase is made. Buying a property especially a commercial one requires a lot of work and assessment and it is not just a decision one should make without consulting with the appropriate professionals and this is exactly what we are here for. At Commercial Building Inspection Services, we provide Comprehensive and thoroughly detailed inspection services. Our professionals know exactly what to do and we strive for perfection when delivering our services.

What is a Commercial Building?

Commercial buildings are structures located in commercial high-brow areas. Their major function is to generate profit and as such, they majorly house businesses and organizations. Commercial buildings are divided into five categories which are: Office Buildings, Multi-family Residences, Land, Retail/Restaurants, and Miscellaneous. Purchasing a commercial building is very capital intensive and it is mostly for a long-term basis and as such, adequate planning has to be made before the purchase is made.

Why you need us

As a layman, when you purchase a building, what you look out for are majorly how it looks on the exterior and how aesthetically pleasing the commercial building is. Buying a building using this guide would be very wrong as there are a lot of things to consider before making a purchase. Most of these things cannot be seen on the exterior and as such, a professional who knows exactly what to look out for and the criteria a building has to fulfill before it is suitable for purchase has to be enlisted. This is where we come in! We guide you every step of the way and make sure your purchase is worth it.

Our specialty

As seen from our name, we only offer inspection services for commercial buildings in Miami, FL. As an intending or potential owner or seller of a commercial building, it is imperative to note that you cannot hire a residential building inspector to inspect a commercial building. There are differences and a specialist in this regard has to be engaged. At Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL, our inspectors specialize in inspecting only commercial buildings so you can rest assured that they know exactly what it is they are doing and are more than capable to do a good job.

What a Comprehensive Inspection entails

A comprehensive inspection is all-encompassing; this means that every aspect of the commercial building is properly inspected to make sure it passes all requirements. A Comprehensive Inspection includes the following:

  • Inspection of the Buildings Major Systems
  • Inspection of the exterior part of the building
  • Inspection of the Building’s Interior
  • Crosschecking the documents attached to the building

All of this makes up a building in terms of structure and the inspector has to thoroughly go through four of them before a building can be said to have been inspected. Our inspectors know just what to do so all you need to do is hand over the reins and let us do all the work for you.

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