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Electrical Inspection

affordable electrical inspection service

Electricity is a very crucial aspect of a commercial building. This is particularly because the activities carried out in a commercial building are considerably more power or electricity-intensive compared to the activities carried out in residential buildings. With this importance also comes the high risk of malfunction, seeming that the system would be under a lot of strain. To avoid malfunctions that can become very detrimental and possibly cause a lot of damage, inspection is needed. Constant Inspection would make sure that any problem that might arise is discovered on time and ugly incidents are prevented.

Benefits of an Electrical Inspection

Many benefits come with constantly inspecting the electrical systems of your commercial buildings. First off, it makes your building safer for people to stay, live, and work in. Secondly, an electrical system that is being maintained properly and has no-fault would be more efficient and long-lasting than one that is not properly maintained. Inspecting regularly weeds out any issues before they are left to fester and hence, propagates consistent maintenance cultures. Also, consistent inspection reduces the risk of a fire starting due to an electric malfunction.
You could be liable

As the owner or landlord of a commercial building, the onus falls on you to make sure that you follow the law as regards inspection and maintaining a safe working environment. There are safety standards for electrical systems that need to be duly followed and a failure to do that can result in a lot of legal issues. At Commercial Building Inspection Services, we care about your building and you can leave all the hard work to us. We make sure that your building follows any listed code and is properly inspected and safe to live in.

What it involves

Inspecting an electrical system in a commercial building requires a lot of caution as electricity is very dangerous and can be very harmful. Experience with electrical inspection in commercial buildings, in particular, is needed to carry out this task but not to worry. Our Inspectors are highly trained and experienced professionals in this line of work and you can be sure that we know exactly what we are doing. Inspecting an electrical system in a commercial building involves checking the electrical fixtures in the building, the lighting in place, the wiring, sockets, data rooms. These places are electrical powerhouses and should be inspected.


The inspection of an electrical system should be only left to professionals and should be carried out every five years at a maximum. As electrical systems in commercial buildings are more overworked than residential buildings, inspections should be carried out regularly to be sure that everything is in order. Our professionals can help you sort this out, we can handle any inspection needs of yours. Our prices are well within range and affordable as we work strictly with your budget. We also carry our clients along with from start to finish so you know exactly what we are doing and what can be done to improve the standard of your systems (if needed).

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