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HVAC & Mold Inspection

affordable HVAC mold inspection service

When a property, even a commercial one is purchased, there is a need to inspect properly and look out for issues that might arise in the nearest future. One of these necessary inspections needed is the HVAC & Mold inspection. The services of professional commercial building inspectors can be enlisted for this kind of inspection. However, to have an idea of why this type of inspection. would be needed, you have to know what Mold and an HVAC system is. We have experts in this line of work that can be assigned to you and your building in the case that you would be needing this service.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. This fungus thrives in moist places and is capable of causing biodegradation of natural materials and can cause various kinds of health issues and also make health challenges like asthma worse. As commercial buildings house a considerably larger number of people than the residential building, more people would be exposed to this mold hence the need to deal with it before it gets worse. With mold, as soon as the first signs are noticed, adequate measures should be taken before it makes the building inhabitable.

HVAC Systems

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning and with commercial buildings, it is very high on the scale of preference when it comes to Inspection. The goal or function of this system is to provide comfort in the indoor space and also to improve the quality of the indoor air. Heating systems regulate the temperature in the indoor space and keeps it warm enough for the space to be habitable. Ventilation is the process of improving the air quality in the space and it involves the exchange of air within the space, temperature control, removal of odor, heat, and dust. All three systems are very important in commercial buildings and inspection is needed in them.

When to Inspect

Molds are visible and as such can be easily detected in buildings. When purchasing a commercial property, especially if it is a multi-apartment or hotel, Mold and HVAC Inspections have to be taken very seriously. If the plumbing system has failed and there is a leak, there is every chance that you might have a mold problem and Moisture Investigations should be carried out. A faulty HVAC system can also cause air leaks which can overwork the entire system and cause air contamination. Quality Air Assessments should be carried out from time to time in a building when the HVAC/Air Quality Inspection is undertaken.

What does a Mold & HVAC inspection process entail?

A mold inspection process involves a visual examination of places in the building that might be prone to mold growth. After inspection, if mold is detected in the building, the inspector will try to find the source of the moisture that is causing the mold and proffer solutions on how to deal with it. For the HVAC systems, components like Air filters, Refrigerators, Ventilation ducts, Air Coolers would be checked to ascertain where the problem is coming from.

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