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Structural Inspection

affordable structural inspection service

If there is anything in a building that should not fail, that would be the structural members of the building. It is pretty much the framework or skeleton of the building and if something happens to it, the results might be very drastic. This is why Structural Inspection is needed from time to time to make sure that this doesn’t happen. At Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL, we know what we are looking for during Inspections and if any sign of failure is noticed, we call your attention to it immediately to prevent further failure.

Structural Failure

When compared to residential buildings, commercial buildings especially one designed to accommodate a lot of dead and live weight like malls, condominiums, hotels, industrial buildings tend to fail more often. Structural failure is what happens when a building has reached its breaking point and can no longer carry the structural load without fracturing or deforming. When this happens and has been left to deteriorate, chances are that it would not be rectifiable any longer. This is why inspection is needed; if the defaults are noticed on time, they can be salvaged before the situation worsens.

When Do I need Structural Inspection?

Structural Inspection is needed for quite some reasons, one of them being to uncover the structural integrity of a building in the case that it is to be sold or even purchased by you. Buildings are very capital-intensive investments and as such should not be undertaken unless a well detailed report of the current state of the building is known. Our price ranges are affordable and customer inclusive i.e. we always consider the client and the budget they are working with. Fostering trust and long term relationships with our clients is one of our priorities as a company.

What We Inspect

During structural inspection, there are specific areas of a building we tend to pay more attention to and these are the foundation, the walls and the floors. When you start to notice cracks in any of these places especially the foundation, something has to be done to curb or limit the damage that has already started. Settlement in the foundation is the major cause of failure in the foundation and this happens when the soil moves. Another thing that can cause failure is when these structures are not properly constructed to start with.

How We Operate

The first line of action when we are contacted is to assign you to a team of professional structural inspector. This team would be in charge of your building and go through what you would want done and also your requirements. After the consultation stage, an onsite visit is scheduled and the inspection is carried out by trained structural engineers. In the case that something is wrong or the structure is found failing in one way or the other, a solution is proffered. At Commercial Building Inspection Services Miami, FL, we have licensed and well-trained professionals who are more than willing to help.

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